Eat Right, Judge Less, Love More

About Me.

The short version:

I am where I am in large part because I love food.  Eating it is obviously pretty great, but you’d be just as likely to find me studying it, buying it, growing it, making it, selling it, or telling you how to eat it.  Hopefully, as I get into the swing of blogging, you’ll find me writing about it too!

The long version:

I am a 26-year-old graduate student, working towards a Masters in Nutrition, a certain change from my undergraduate studies as an English major.  After working my way through Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers in college, I figured out that learning about the diets was more appealing to me than actually following them… not to mention being somewhat more appealing to me than any Shakespeare or Henry James I had read.  Fast forward a few years and here I am, finishing up a BS/MS degree program in Nutrition and hoping to use my English background to help me find ways to write about it.

I also love to cook, and do so pretty often for myself, my parents and my (very lucky, if I do say so myself) boyfriend.  I’m not particularly interested in letting my nutrition education infect too much of my cooking;  I definitely try to cook in balance, and I love fruits and vegetables, but in terms of meals I would much rather serve a smaller portion of foods that taste great, even if they sometimes pack a calorie punch.  It’s definitely a challenge to serve “non-diet” food and maintain a healthy figure, but I (try to) watch my portions, include a lot of fresh, healthy ingredients, and exercise enough to balance any slips I might have.

While I’m in school, I work part time at a nursing home and (very) part time as a consultant at a national weight loss franchise.  Both experiences have been eye opening for different reasons, and I’ve learned a lot about people and food that I never would have in my classes.  Yes, there are ideals when it comes to health and lifestyle, but in reality people eat (or don’t eat) for very different reasons, and nobody lives the perfect, healthy life all the time.  I think sometimes ‘nutrition people’ lose sight of this, but I have seen it in my weight loss clients, my geriatric residents, my boyfriend, my friends, and in myself.  I think accepting the imperfections (a work in progress, sometimes) has made me more balanced and more open, both as a professional and an individual.  Hopefully others will find something here that they can take away for their own life, whether it be a recipe or just something to think about.  I may meander down various roads and I may contradict myself, but just know that I’m a normal girl, just trying to find my way. Hopefully it makes for good reading too.  <33


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