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A weight persona

I was talking recently with a coworker/friend about her struggles with weight.  She has made a comic schtick out of her relationship with food, and calls herself, proudly,  ‘fat bitch.’  She has taken her weight – something that might otherwise be a source of much frustration – and made it into her comedic ace-in-the-hole.

It wasn’t until she started to call me ‘skinny bitch’ that I started to understand what was really going on here.  I noticed I was starting to live up to the moniker – I wanted to bring in some leftover tortilla chips to supplement my lunch one day, but  I decided against it.  I started to get decaffeinated tea (black) instead of coffee (with half and half)  from the Starbucks next door.  I became, for T’s sake, the skinny bitch she thought I was.  Appreciating the accountability, I kinda enjoyed it.  But if I was living up to skinny bitch, was she living up to her own nickname?

Furthermore, I wondered how many people are operating under the ‘weight’ of a persona.  As a nutrition person, I feel I am often under pressure to look the part, which can sometimes give me the boost I need to cook a healthy meal, exercise more, or just generally maintain my weight. However, what about those people who are under pressure to stay fat? I mean, think about it. Comedians, truck drivers, mall Santas, nonnas, Star Jones? We expect them to look a certain way.

So I told T I thought she was pulling a Kevin James.  She laughed, of course – the comedienne always appreciates a joke – But whether anything actually changes remains to be seen.

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  1. * annanaqu says:

    I always thought being a nutritionist was a great idea for you- living, learning and teaching what you enjoy. I’m glad you see the positive, but I also think there’s a negative (which I’m not going to tell you since you don’t see it yourself because I rather you not think about it) For your coworker/friend, there’s positive too, I mean at some point she’s going to realize she doesn’t want to be the “Fat bitch” anymore, and being the “strong bitch” that she sounds like… she’ll realize she can change her weight and be happier with herself.

    P.S. Glad you’re posting again 😀

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago
  2. * DZino says:

    I’m glad too! I happened, on a whim, to check tonight.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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