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A good day

I had a really good day today.   I woke up next to my love in 6am blackness, heading to work while the rest of the house slept.  Every morning that I kiss him goodbye, I think of my father’s words on love, loosely quoted: “sweetheart, you’ll know you REALLY love someone when you love every little thing about them — the smell of their sweat, the way they talk, the way they walk, and EVEN their stinky morning breath.”  Our lips stick together a little, and I am comforted by the fact I could recognize my love even in the blindness of pitch black morning, by smell and by touch.

Work, not normally a bullet point in any summary of a good day, was notable simply because I wasn’t exhausted, everyone was in a good mood, and I had a delicious lox & cream cheese bagel for breakfast! One of my favorite bagel places just opened a new location about 500 feet from work which will certainly mean further dissolving my paycheck in exchange for hazelnut coffee and salad bar salads on Saturdays.

Grocery shopping was a must because… my cooking mojo is back!  I’ve been eating a lot of cereal,  PB&J sandwiches and whole foods hot bar, for no good reason other than general kitchen malaise.  But today, I made pesto from the last of my summer basil crop (loosely adapted from an Alice Waters cookbook, but who really needs a recipe for pesto anyway?), and salmon in a lemon dill cream sauce for mom and dad – is it weird that I was simply in the mood to make a roux? Anyway, it came out great — or at least my parents said so.  In what seems to have become characteristic of me, I cooked a full meal and then jetted out to go exercise instead of actually eating it.  My mom is always entertained that I put more effort into cooking a meal I’m not even going to eat than most people put into cooking, period. Does anybody else do such a thing without being paid for it? 🙂  Next on the menu are SNICKERDOODLES! (which I certainly WILL be eating.)

Instead of salmon, I had a great 5.6-mile training run, and I’m feeling really confident about my 10K race next weekend.  Also, I got to run with my old running buddy, who was home for the weekend from her new digs in that far-and-away hipster haven known as Brooklyn, NY.

After writing a bit about my fantastic day, I remembered I also got a rejection letter from a job I really wanted.  It’s interesting how something could ruin your day if you let it, or it could disappear.  A few days ago, for no good reason, I was feeling depressed and alone, and trying (and failing) to connect with people I care about.  Today, without really trying, I felt good, connected to the people I love, and light in spirit and mind.

What a gift, having the words to ruminate over the details of a lovely day.


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  1. * annanaqu says:

    I’m VERY upset I didnt get any salmon. I knew I should have fought you for the pesto. Damn.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 9 months ago

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