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Greenmarket, and some eats!

Since my last post, I have:

Done quite a bit of shopping
Had a great weekend with my best friends from college
Eaten some pretty delicious meals (and goodies)
Visited the Union Square Greenmarket (amazing NYC farmers’ market!)

So this is gonna be mostly highlights… 

As a general rule, I love farmers’ markets.  I love the idea that I can buy something directly from the people who made it/grew it/fermented it, etc etc.  But the Union Square market in particular holds a really special place in my heart; I love the fact that, despite how incongruous it may seem to drop a farmers’ market in the middle of downtown NYC, the Greenmarket fits right in.  
In the late afternoon sun, there were MANY opportunities for great photos of things like the delicious apples, squash, wine and cheeses that were around every bend, not to mention the BEAUTIFUL flowers, but, alas, my shopping partner and I were on a mission and so I just snapped a few quick ones.

To fuel our day of shopping, we had lunch at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch… it’s a favorite of both of ours andddd I was double excited because it was my first time being brave and whipping out my camera for pictures of a meal out… Anna got “dragonbowl Z,” which was basically an arugula salad with TONS of delicious goodies in it.. golden raisins, feta, sun dried tomatoes, corn… yum. and can’t forget that “Z” of roasted red pepper vinaigrette drizzled on top!

Mine was less pretty but equally delicious… Sesame baked tofu with beans and rice and a mango-cucumber-yogurt salad, plus some grilled veggies.  

We both ate about half… it was SO much food! I was really paying attention to eating slowly and putting my fork down between bites and such, and it really helped me not go crazy…. which was good, because we left enough room for a delish sushi dinner at Sushi Samba! And of course, dessert from…


That’s original flavor yogurt with carob chips, strawberries and kiwi. I SO look forward to this when I spend the day in the city, since I don’t have a Pinkberry near me on Long Island. For anyone who may not be familiar, Pinkberry is a great yogurt chain… Their yogurt actually tastes like YOGURT, and hello, fresh fruit toppings! So yummy.  

By being just slightly more mindful of how fast I was eating, and putting the fork down when I was satisfied, I was able to spend an entire day dining out and eating food I love without having to worry about paying the price calorically.  It’s awesome that there are some people who can do that without thinking about it, but for me that has always been a challenge, so I was really proud of how the weekend went.  Not to mention I had a great time!


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  1. * annanaqu says:

    Boooo.. I missed dessert! lol.. i was bad.. at like 12:30am i had fried Green Plantaines and Guacomole!!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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