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New stuff!

So before I head out for a birthday get-together for one of my best girl friends, here are some more eats. I got a little snacky after lunch but I think I kept it under control, considering the ::ahem:: “visitor” coming next week…

My first afternoon snackie was this new Kashi U cereal (55g, 200 cal) I’ve been really itching to try… it kinda reminds me of Raisin Bran Crunch but with a slightly more interesting flavor, because it uses currants in addition to raisins… highly recommended! I’m such a cereal addict, my mom gives me such a hard time because at any given moment there are usually 4-6 cereals/granolas in our pantry.  Better than crack, ma, better than crack. 

And besides, I really had no chance of leaving the store without this.  As my friend KS always says, I’m such a sucker for packaging… cereal (already a problem) + lime green box (favorite color) + kashi (<3 them!) + little hearts on the package = No chance whatsoever. 

Later on I munched on a tangelo and a spoonful of Nutella (95 cal) with a diet coke to get me through ’til dinner, which was inspired by some popular foods in the blog world – baked sweet potato ‘fries’ (4oz, 100 cal) and baked tofu! I served it over salad (2/5 block, ~80 cal) tossed in some barbecue sauce, and with a dollop of hummus (50 cal) on top …yum!

I’m not sure if i’d make the baked tofu this way again… I tossed it shake ‘n bake style in a bag with cumin, ginger powder, cinnamon, a little salt, and some organic brown sugar.  well, PS, it smelled DELICIOUS when it was cooking.  but the final product was really dry, not necessarily crisp like I was hoping it would be.  I’m thinking if I used something like roasted garlic to make the spices less like a rub and more like a paste, it might be better? Or if I just used brown sugar for the caramelization factor and then tossed with barbecue sauce to coat right before serving? Decisions decisions…

…Oh, and another spoonful of Nutella happened to trip and fall into my mouth before I left … oops!

I’m so excited to see my girlfriends after a long day of studying microbiology. Tomorrow: organic chem and medical nutrition therapy, here I come! And maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze in another run in my glorious new sneaks? One can only hope. 🙂

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  1. * Hangry Pants says:

    I love this soup you just threw together! Hope you get to run tomorrow.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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