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Chilly day eats

So the theme of my diet today is definitely warmth.  During my otherwise fantastic run this morning (it was my first time in my new sneaks! yay!) I thought I’d be fine without my hoodie after a mile or so, but I just couldn’t seem to warm up… my poor knuckles were all red when I finished! So a big thanks to my hearty breakfast and lunch (and many cups of decaf coffee) which helped warm me up from the inside out: stovetop pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast and crab & corn chowder for lunch. mmmm!

I used multigrain oats from Trader Joe’s (40g, 130 cal), a small banana (96g, 85 cal), a tablespoon of unsalted peanut butter (16g, 95 cal), some raisins (20g, 65 cal), organic canned pumpkin (40g, ~20 cal), an egg white (~20 cal), and some pumpkin pie spice and splenda to make my oatmeal.  It was my first time making oats on the stovetop rather than in the microwave, and I wasn’t impressed with the difference;  After seeing them so often ongliding calm, I thought I’d like stovetop oats way better, but I think I’m gonna stick to the microwave from now on… The oats come out a little stickier and less soupy in the microwave, which for some reason is the texture I associate with oatmeal. Or maybe I just used too much water.  I dunno.  Nonetheless, breakfast was still delish!

Lunch was crab & corn chowder from Trader Joe’s (300 cal), with two “skinny dippers” crackers (25 cal each). The crackers caught my attention at Fairway because of the Apple & Honey Grain flavor; sounds intriguing, right?  You don’t really taste the apple, which is nice… It just adds a little extra sweetness to the oh-so-good ‘honey wheat’ flavor we’re all so familiar with.

So I must say I’m pretty pumped about photo-blogging my eats! I think it helps me pay more attention to savoring the foods I eat. I’m a chronic snacker, especially when I’m in school, and I wind up eating things like clif bars and apples and pretzel sticks all day.  Nothing unhealthy, but I dare you to catch me eating an actual meal. Also, it’s easier for me to overeat that way.  Lately, though, I have been making an effort to prepare food in meal form and just not eat as often (or as mindlessly, like in the middle of Organic Chem lecture or something). Taking snaps makes that even easier because, whether or not I’m at school, I don’t want to be whipping out a camera every hour and a half; instead, I’m forced to think about whether or not I want to eat at that particular moment, and more often than not the answer is no. 

I’ve also been making an effort to eat slower, thanks to a girlfriend of mine (we go out to eat together quite a bit) who clued me in that hey, If I’m always trying to watch my calories, I might wanna just slow down a little bit…  So I’m working on it: I put my utensils down, I take a drink, I stretch it out a bit.  It’s a habit, like anything else, and oats and chowder are two great meals to savor slowly. Today = great success! (insert Borat voice).

Anyway, with a nice satisfied tummy, I’m off to study Microbiology – first of 4 tests in three days next week! eep!

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  1. * annanaqu says:

    oH! that reminds me! Microbiology!! One of my good friends’ is microbiotic.. and its really interesting.. and there’s this really awesome restaurant i want to take you to thats microbiotic!! It’s called Souen

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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