Eat Right, Judge Less, Love More

Day 2!

So I cheated. Kinda.

1) I used salt, even though it wasn’t part of my food stamp budget, with the rationale that someone who is actually on food stamps all the time can buy certain things once in a while… it’s not like you’re completely restocking your kitchen every single month.  Thus, I used some.  and MAN did it make a difference.  I must say, though, I hadn’t anticipated how many other times I would’ve thought about “cheating,” but I do, all the time! I come up with a bunch of reasons why it’d be okay (though I haven’t given in just yet).  For my last pre-FSC dinner, I bought a few sea scallops to serve with my pasta primavera and wound up forgetting about them.  Now, of course, they stare at me every time I open the fridge, and I think, “I should just eat them so they don’t go to waste… people on food stamps don’t throw away perfectly good food!”

2) I scammed a bunch of free samples at Whole Foods today – pesto on mini-toast, guacamole and salsa on both pita chips and tortillas, six grapes, a bell pepper strip, and some vitamin-c drink.  It was fantastic.  But I must say, I probably wouldn’t do that again, ESPECIALLY if I was ACTUALLY on food stamps.  Normally, I go into Whole Foods intending to buy something, and the samples are just a nice bonus.  But I felt a little self-conscious being there and knowing I was probably not going to buy anything; so self-conscious, in fact, that I even started to get paranoid some of the employees would, I dunno… kick me out? make fun of me? Not the worst fate for someone who was genuinely hungry, I know, but definitely a blow to my pride.  I actually wound up grabbing a few Clif and Larabars that I knew I could just eat next week once the challenge is over, to exonerate myself and enter the realm of paying customers again.

Well now that I’ve cleared my conscience, here’s my eats for the day:

Oatmeal + 1T Peanut butter
Wheat Bread + 1T Peanut butter
8 oz. milk 

2 Eggs on Toast
3/4c rice
1/2c black beans
1/3c spinach
1/2 carrot, shredded 

Whole Foods:
~200 random calories?

Early Dinner:
Peanut Butter Sandwich (2T Peanut butter) with 1 oz. banana
8 oz. milk

Later Dinner:
1/2 carrot
1T peanut butter
oatmeal packet

1/2 c black beans

Total calories come out to about 2,000, which is a lot but I burned about 500 with exercise (3.5 mile run, and an hour walk with a girlfriend).  Exercise has been an interesting test, because I really worried that I wouldn’t have enough energy to run.  Honestly, though, I feel I have plenty of food to make it through the day no problem.  I guess most people doing this are well aware the issue with food stamps isn’t getting enough FOOD, but rather it’s getting enough NUTRIENTS.  It’s unfortunate, in a way, that I won’t be doing this long enough to experience what it’s like to be nutrient-deprived, because I think THAT is one of the real hardships of living, week to week, month to month, on food stamps.

P.S… I just remembered, I’ve been taking vitamins too.  AHH! Cheat number 3! 😦

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