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Day 1!

Last night, I soaked my beans so that I could cook them this morning along with a bunch of rice for the week.  Once I had the rice and beans going in separate pots, I walked away and let them do their thing.  So about 45 minutes later, I’m checking my e-mail and something starts smelling a little toasty…

My neighbors had to have heard the expletives flying out of me as I ran downstairs to the kitchen.  Luckily, my rice was fine, just a little stuck to the pot (Which I scraped out and ate… it was pretty good! nice and crispy!).  But the idea that I might have lost part of my food for the week was so upsetting! I had read some blog entries from people who rationed out their milk for the week and then spilled something, or brought their food to work only to have it thrown out by a cleaning crew… Considering how much planning it takes to stretch a dollar, it’s SO frustrating when things don’t go as planned!

Anyway, here are all my eats for Food Stamp Challenge Day 1:

2 slices wheat toast
2T peanut butter
8 oz 1% milk
instant oatmeal packet

3/4 cup brown rice
1 cup black beans
1/3 cup frozen spinach
2 fried eggs

Carrot (cut into sticks)
1 slice wheat bread
1T peanut butter

Another Snack:
instant oatmeal packet

2 slices wheat bread
2T peanut butter
1 oz banana (about 1/4 of a big one)
8 oz 1% milk 

This comes out to 1,880 calories for the day.  So far, it hasn’t been difficult, in terms of not cheating.  Eating has just become BORING.  To be clear, I generally get excited about food; I love trying new foods and recipes and mixing things up in new ways.  Sometimes (er, pretty often actually) it’s the new oatmeal concoction I’m thinking about that makes it easier to get out of bed in the morning!  Now, though, food preparation is really just about stopping the sensation of hunger.  Knowing there are only so many things I can eat is making me pretty apathetic about choosing between one or the other.  I’m actually vaguely hungry at the moment, but I don’t want more peanut butter (too much fat), or a carrot (blah), or beans (blah)… I want to save my oatmeal so I have two packets each day, and I don’t want to eat three eggs in a day (ahhh cholesterol!) …so I’m just going to stay hungry.  

(A note about my grocery shopping the other day:  My perfectly planned list failed me! Stop & Shop was out of the smaller package of eight eggs I was planning to buy, which bumped my egg cost up $0.70 from $1.49 to $2.19; to compensate, I used the $1.00 “in case of emergency” voucher I had in my wallet from redeeming cans and bottles, but what i still made me wonder what other unexpected hurdles you might face, living on food stamps.)

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  1. * annanaqu says:

    Oh man.. breakfast sounded great.. but by dinner i felt depressed by your list.. 😦

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 5 months ago

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