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My week of eats!

My week of eats!

So this is the food I will be living on for the next five days.

To help me better accept that fact, I decided I wanted my ‘last meal’ to be something delicious and full of vegetables, since my budget left little room for produce and it’s giving me a little anxiety.  I took a trip to Fairway and got the ingredients for a whole wheat pasta primavera LOADED with colorful roasted vegetables: corn, carrots, multicolored tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and red pearl onions.  I served it with a small fillet of salmon, about 3 oz. per person.  Dinner ingredients — yes, for ONE MEAL — came to $35.00, not including the wine we already had at home.   Obviously, I set out to make a special meal, so this doesn’t represent my family’s everyday spending habits, but still… knowing I would be going out later to buy a week’s worth of food for less than half the cost of one meal was an interesting (and slightly nauseating) realization.   I also found myself paying closer attention to ridiculous things that cost about $15.00 at Fairway:  A bottle of good olive oil, a block of imported cheese, a pound of coffee, half a pound of good steak… things I would certainly think twice before buying, but that have all made their way into my cart at one time or another.  And yet there are Long Islanders feeding themselves for a week on the same amount of money.  It’s just a crazy concept that’s gonna take me a while to wrap my mind around. 

(As an aside, to further add to my GI distress, I decided it would be a great idea to take the remaining 3-4 ounces of baguette and eat it with a generous slather (3, maybe 4 Tablespoons?) of nutella, bringing my calorie intake up to about 2,500 for the day. Oh well.)

So anyway, my black beans are a-soakin, and I’m planning on making a big batch of rice in the morning.  Wish me luck on day 1!

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