Eat Right, Judge Less, Love More


A sub-plot of a book I recently read revolved around a husband and wife and their inability to communicate effectively; no matter how they tried, they just understood the everyday occurences in their life in completely different ways.  To accentuate the “dual realities” point, the author has the husband/doctor/amateur photographer taking on a project, photographing scenes in nature that viewers might interpret as an anatomical image, or vice versa: leaves that conjure a textbook image of a capillary network, a sinusoid bone that looks shockingly like a delicate antique lace, and so on.  

The book was a dud, but the concept of multiple views of reality stuck with me.  If you gave most people a chance to think about it, I think they would agree that yes, you and I may view the exact same situation/person/thing in a completely different way, and that’s okay.  Yet this understanding seems to go out the window sometimes when we communicate with each other from different sides of the fence.  Do we prefer the illusion that what we see represents truth, over accepting that there may not be such a thing?

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