Eat Right, Judge Less, Love More

I’ve got a secret

I have the audio version of “The Secret” on my iPod, so once in a while a chapter will randomly be shuffled in with my music as I walk, drive to school, etc.  In my understanding of the book, it is basically entreating listeners to invite the things they want into their life, and make room for the things they desire through positive thinking.  I don’t completely buy into it, but I must say that I think it has been really helpful at reminding me to try to clear negative ideas out of my head. 

Here’s an example:

“ugh, I’m dreading my chem final.  I don’t think I’m gonna do as well as I should.”  

This is something I might normally think, as opposed to:

“This semester went by so fast! After my chem final, I only have 4 finals until I’m done!”

which is the more positive outlook I’m constantly honing. I am amazed at the power of positive thoughts to block negative ones out.  Isn’t it funny, though, how we’re all in the habit of focusing on the negative? I try to remind my boyfriend of all the positive things in his life, but he’s still having a hard time getting out of the negative realm.  It’s not his time for change, I guess. 

As for me, though, my goal for 2008 – “judge less”- has been so much easier the more I try to embrace positive thoughts.  It’s funny to imagine having to TRY to be positive… I think part of it has to do with being a New Yorker.  So cynical we are 🙂

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